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2018 marks the birth of our full commitment to the EWS in the form of the Orbea Enduro Team. This group of riders and partners has been assembled to tackle a full season of the world’s most important competitions in a discipline we’re all passionate about. Our aim is to let you experience EWS competition from the inside, fighting for the podium in the spotlight of the biggest international events.

Our Four Aces

If you’re a die-hard enduro fan, you may already know their names. They’re racers who bring previous successes with the unlimited potential to grow even more. They have a lot in common – they’ve all been molded in Downhill, BMX and XC competition and they are experienced in the EWS circuit. They already know what it’s like to climb the podium and they share a hunger for victory.

Julien Brugeas

Team Manager / Mechanic

The Orbea Enduro Team will be accompanied by a top-notch staff, led by Julien Brugeas as team manager. Julien was a mechanic back on the Orbea Racing Team. After the team disappeared, he joined the Clif Bar Pro Team as part of the Orbea staff. There, he has been one of the architects of all the team’s achievements in the world of elite XC all these years, such as the World Cup and Cross Country Championship, and the Rio Olympic Games of 2016, to name a few.

Team Videos

Orbea Rallon R5

The recently-introduced Rallon R5 has created interest in Orbea never seen before in this category. Performance, customization and unique looks have made Rallon a top bike for many riders & journalists. This impression was also shared by the members of the Orbea Enduro Team.

Team News


The Orbea Enduro Team at the EWS: second round!

The youngest riders on the team tell us about their debut experience with Orbea in the top enduro competition a few hours before climbing into the ring at the EWS in Colombia.


Orbea Enduro Team: Our Turn at the EWS!

Lo Barnechea (Santiago, Chile) is hosting the first competition in the Enduro World Series: a mountainous area full of rocks, dust and adrenalin-boosting slopes where the Orbea Enduro Team will once again give it all they’ve got.


Discover how we prepare for the Enduro World Series (Part 2)

In the second part of this article on the Orbea Enduro Team camp, we focus on the material tests our riders carried out to hone their machines for competition.

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